What is Walk to Drink?

WALK TO DRINK is a concept designed to help save lives and prevent injuries through doing as much as possible to ensure that a well managed affordable pub or bar can locate in any residential neighborhood. This blog supports our web page which is located here:

Today many residential neighborhoods and municipalities ban or make location of well managed affordable bars/restruants either impossible or very difficult.

As a result everyone who resides in these communities is forced to get into a car if they wish to legally and responsibly consum alcoholic beverages.

WALK TO DRINK encourages people to leave their cars behind when going out for a drink. We encourage people to get together to hold events at well managed bars/pubs which are in walking distance and to encourage others to do the same.

Just think....while saving lives people can exercise, stay fit and help reduce the consumption of gasoline and polution.

Can't think of much wrong with that.

Why can't everyone live in a neighborhood where it is safe and convenient to walk to a well run local bar/pub? -Answer? Ask your local officials! Have them make a few zoning changes and get your friends and neighbors out to support the well run pubs/bars in your neighborhood so that they can stay there!

Walk to drink is not an organization....it is a CONCEPT. We see no need for an organization when individuals can organize their own actions and reach out to others. We just make ideas and suggestions available. It does not cost us anything so we do not collect any money.

So there....off you go! Make a difference in this world- Walk when you want to go out to drink and encourage local politicos to make sure everyone can do the same. Spread the word.

All texts and graphics on this blog can be used by anyone any time in support of this concept. You may obtain a flyer here:

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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